Are you looking for a mentor? I occasionally mentor people and usually only one at a time. I do this voluntary just because I want to help but of course in each mentoring relationship I also learn something new. I’ve received training through the MIB mentoring program.

What I expect from you as a mentee?

Commitment. I really want to help you to achieve your goals but also you need to really want this and commit to the process and cadence. You need to be the more active one in this relationship 🙂

What is mentoring in practice?

We work together 6 to 10 months and we meet 1-2 times a month depending on the case. We talk about the things you want to and I might give you some tasks or homework as well. Usually the process includes at least understanding your core values in life/work and discovering your strengths. I can for example help you to create awesome CV and to land your dream job. Please note that mentoring is not me consulting you on marketing.

I ask questions, give some guidance and explain things from my own experience to give you one point of view but or course I don’t have the right answers for you. All of us have a different story.

Meetings can be 100% online, but of course would be nice to meet you face to face at least once.

If you are interested check my profile and send me a message in LinkedIn and let’s see if the timing is right and if we are a match.